We are a leading signal provider in global currency market. We are different and some more special than others. Because we are real traders, not a bunch of so called signal providers. We observe the market, find out the best trading opportunities and trade with our own live accounts. All we do is share our trading decision with our subscribers. As we are trading for ourselves, you can easily understand how much desperate we are for success. Here, you are loosing means we are also loosing! Who in the world will try to lose his own deposits. We have a team of Forex experts who make an effective analytical report. On the basis of analytical report signal is made. We grab the best opportunities with minimum risk and strong money management system, so that you don’t need to worry a bit. We will also help you to control “Take Profit ” and ” Stop loss “. We are constantly monitoring the market, no matter your location in the world, we have some traders always awake and looking for trade opportunities.

About strategy which we use for commodity trading

We have many strategies that can bring sustainable and stable income. Some of these are long-term and some are mid-term strategies. However, taking into account the customers who use our forex signal service, we use our intraday trading strategy, which can be used by everyone in a timely manner. The strategy is based entirely on technical analysis and uses statistical theory. Stop Loss and Take Profit are used in all operations. Unlike other, fraudulent providers that emerged yesterday, we only use one TP and one SL.
TP varies according to oil and gold pairs. Sometimes 30-50, sometimes 100-200 points. The strategy is fully adapted to the market. If there is strong volatility in the market, the volume of SL and TP will also increase. Lot volumes are also provided to our customers as a recommendation for each triggered signal. A slightly larger lot is offered for stronger signals and a smaller lot for weaker signals. We provide our customers with the highest quality service using our own experience. Of course, as in any business, losses in this area are inevitable. But we want to emphasize with confidence the power of statistical theory that we can link a week or a month with a loss, but in the longterm period we are always in profit.

We send 1 - 5 gold and oil signals daily.
Our accuracy is 90%.
Signals send by WhatsApp or Telegram.
We send market and pending orders (buy stop, sell stop, buy limit, sell limit) also.
Each signal has one stop loss (SL) and one take profit (TP). SL and TP levels may be changed. Each signals have 60/100 or 50/80 SL/TP rates.
We trade on New York and London sessions.

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