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Desde su creación en 2015, Forexcues Company se ha convertido en uno de los de más rápido crecimiento en el mundo. Proveedores de señales de Forex y productos básicos y copiadoras comerciales, que brindan servicios e instalaciones a inversores de todo el mundo. Dedicado a proporcionar a los operadores una excelente experiencia comercial y uno de los mejores entornos comerciales de la industria. Con un equipo de profesionales altamente calificados, los clientes de Forexcues cuentan con un sólido soporte y una industria en profundidad. conocimiento necesario para satisfacer sus necesidades comerciales, al tiempo que ofrece las mejores experiencias comerciales en el negocio.

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Gold and Oil Signals providing

We are a leading signal provider in global currency market. We are different and some more special than others. Because we are real traders, not a bunch of so called signal providers. We observe the market, find out the best trading opportunities and trade with our own live accounts. All we do is share our trading decision with our subscribers. As we are trading for ourselves, you can easily understand how much desperate we are for success. Here, you are loosing means we are also loosing! Who in the world will try to lose his own deposits. We have a team of Forex experts who make an effective analytical report. On the basis of analytical report signal is made. We grab the best opportunities with minimum risk and strong money management system, so that you don’t need to worry a bit. We will also help you to control “Take Profit ” and ” Stop loss “. We are constantly monitoring the market, no matter your location in the world, we have some traders always awake and looking for trade opportunities.

We send 1 - 5 gold and oil signals daily.
Our accuracy is 90%.
We send market and pending orders (buy stop, sell stop, buy limit, sell limit) also.
Each signal has one stop loss (SL) and one take profit (TP). SL and TP levels may be changed. Each signals have 60/100 or 50/80 SL/TP rates.
We trade on New York and London sessions.
We advice to use ECN accounts with low spreads. We recommend these brokers. Open link:
We accept payments through Skrill, Neteller, Webmoney, Western Union and Bitcoin.

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Profitable Account Management Service

Our goal is to manage your investment with totally stress free. We are always ready to manage your Investments with calculated risk and Good returns, we will follow your account 24/5. Managed account is a trading account opened in your name with our recommended brokers and traded by our professional Forex account manager. The manager only has a right to make trades via client's terminal but he doesn't have any access to the money on the separately managed account, he can't withdraw the money or steal it. At any time you can change the trading password, withdraw the money, open or close the trade (initiated by you as well as by us). Besides, you have a full access to this managed account and you can watch the trading process. This service is fully transparent to our clients. Our strategy of trading is fully based on techniques like Trend Following, Break Out and Trend Reversal etc, we define prefect entry levels, a defined stop loss, and a set take profit target. We never use a martingale strategy. We place stop loss for every single trade, our mission is to protect your trading capital.

We accept 3000$ (3k) or more for managing. Other less balances are not accepted.
No additional fee or comission here.
We shall share profit in 50/50 ratio weekly (70% will be your percentage from net profit if your account will be more than 20K).
Monthly profit (ROI) will be 25-40% per month.
Drawdown (DD) may be 20% or less in total.

You have to open account under our IB in our selected brokers:

1. FBS standart (Click for open account under our IB)
2. Tickmill standart(Click for open account under our IB)

Trade Copier Service

As a company, we offer copying our orders which we open in big real balance. We advice these brokers: https://forexcues.com/trustedbrokers.html

How will be account size, lot choosing and expiration time of service?

- We strongly advice to open account with balance 1.5k (1500$ or €) or more.
- We can choose lot size together due to your balance’s equity.
- You will get notification before expiration of your subscription.

What is copy trading?

- Copy trading is special method. Have master and slave accounts here. Master account is ours and slave accounts are yours. Each signal which we’ll open on our account will be copied to your account directly and automatically.

What is copying our orders’ advantages?

- You will be patient and free.
- You not need open or close any order.
- You not need wait for manual signals and open it yourself.
- You will get our real account’s investor password and compare our orders with your orders.

What is copying our orders’ disadvantages?

- Your computer have to be opened during a day.
- You have to open your account under our selected brokers only.
- You can’t connect via your mobile phone.
- Will be 1 pips slippage here.

What will be price and terms?

- Price will be 200$ per month and you will get 50% discount during purchasing 2 months together. Let’s explain. You will pay 200$ and half of 200$. Summary, 300$ for 2 months.
- You will open account under our IB in our selected, trusted and honest brokers.
- You have to choose 1:200 leverage during opening account.
- You will pay only for monthly subscription. All profit will be yours.

Service fees

  • VIP Signals
  • 100$ / month
  • Daily 2-5 signals
  • Only gold and oil signals
  • Profitability is 90%
  • Monthly target is 1500 pips
  • London and NY sessions
  • 24/5 support
  • Ask from us
  • Trade Copier
  • 200$ / month
  • Daily 5-12 signals
  • Commodity and currency orders
  • Profitability is 90%
  • Monthly target is 1500 pips
  • London and NY sessions
  • 24/5 support
  • Ask from us
  • Forex Robot
  • 600$ / lifetime
  • Scalping EA
  • Unlimited accounts licence
  • Profitability is 90%
  • Weekly target is 600 pips
  • Free upgrades
  • 24/5 support
  • Ask from us

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Testimonials feedback

  • Thank you for your transparency because rare are those who post their losses...but the advantage with you is that they are ridiculous, you are best subscription I have ever taken! Thank you for the comfort that you bring me!

    Sebastien France

  • Thanks your alerts are perfect. With your help I can quit my job hopefully by end of year.

    Edem United States

  • It's been a long tough road trying to find an honest and profitable signals provider. I subscribed to ForexCues in August 2019. I am still a very happy subscriber and plan to remain a subscriber for as long as I trade!

    Tracy Silver United States

  • Hello everybody! I am very satisfied. I congrulate you for your dedication and great work!

    Posada Echeverri Colombia

  • I have been lurking the internet for sometime searching for accurate signals. I have been swindled a number of times until I finally met you. Kudos, I don't think I am moving an inch away from your shores. You are the best!

    Kwabena Ghana

  • Dear Forexcues, Thanks for the signal service. Little review: Customer service is great and they provide advice and discuss with you unlike other signal providers. In addition, they are a honest bunch of people. They are not pushy with selling the signals to u. They do not just post earnings to attract customers but losses as well which is part and parcel of trading as u can’t be 100% accurate. P.S. They are extremely good with oil and gold signals.

    Zhi Xian Ng Singapore

  • You are first signal provider with whom I am in profit after 2 weeks. And I have been to many paid chanels but all is unsuccessful. You are good!

    Markus Sweden

  • Your signals are great! I already made 100% ROI in just 4 days. Oil signals especially are spot on. Keep up the good work.

    Ahmed Abdulla Maldives

  • I have payed for many signal providers in the past few years. Not even one was as good as this one. So i've tested these signals first on a demo account and on a micro account. But micro accounts are not my favorate accounts. So now i use it with Prorealtime platform IG Markets. And thank's for the big profits last week. This trader is verry good with OIL , Gold trades and thats why i use his signals.. Keep it up bro !!

    Robert van Berkum Netherlands

  • Your service is great! I already made almost 50% profit in 3 days of trading with you....I appreciate your hard work.

    Emmanuel Okoro Nigeria

  • This is a genuine reliable service providing profit every day. I am very pleased to have found this company and look forward to turning my small account into a large one. I have been subscribed for a couple months and have made good money. The subscription is a small price compared to what you get in return.

    Dean United Kingdom

  • Forexcues, you have great team. You are unbelievable trader. Hats off to you, making 400 pips is in a day is amazing and not easy job.

    Sergei Russia

  • I can write some sentences. You are excellent analyst and your signals are accurate 100%. I got your summer promotion and I’ll pay for yearly subscription asap. Thank you for hard work.

    Roberto Dominican

  • I joined the winning team by taking advantage of the summer promotion os 3 months for 99$. Your signals are really accurate and teach me as a trader to be patient. To this day I have tripled my account and having used several scalpers before I can truly say you are the best in the game, really professional service.

    Sean South Africa

  • I want to appreciate your hard work. Thanks for profits. I’m newbie in this market yet. But I use your service 2 months already. As a one customer, I gained 2000 pips for last 2 months. I can say that you are very good and honesty man. Signals are superbly!

    Jaddi Brunei

  • Great service! Far from a scam you do some research. Yesterday all signals were on point. All we really have to do is sit back and wait for your signals. Lock in the trade and go on with our day!

    Jeremy United States

  • No way bro. You are really signal provider. The one which I neverhad before. I don’t think I need look for someone else now. Within week I made more than 40% profit. Finally, I found my port! Thanks man! Pray in for you.

    Ahmed bin Muhammed UAE

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