Scalping Signal service is provided by high-experienced Forex traders. Our team have been working as a trader-analyst in the financial market since 2005. We decided to offer new service as Scalping Signals. This is for all traders who want to get quick and profitable orders. Scalping signals are more popular in these days because it has more profitability. You can join to our free channel and test 1-2 signals in a week also.

About strategy which we use for signals

We use short-term Forex Strategy which it is consist of some indicators' combinations. Strategy is working in M30 timeframe and that's why we are be able to send high-profitable Scalping Signals with 15-20 pips TP to our paid members. Also, we offer Scalping Trade Copier Service even. This system is working locally on our server. We connect to your account by using your account credentials. And all of our signals copy to your account directly and automatically within 0.5 second. When we close our ordwers in master account then same orders will close in all client accounts at moment.

We send 4 - 6 signals daily.
Signals on major, minor Forex pairs and gold.
Our accuracy is 90%.
Signals send via Telegram Channel.
We send market orders only.
Each signal has one take profit (TP).
We trade on New York and London sessions.

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