frequently asked questions

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Forex and Scalping Signals send by Telegram private channel, Gold-Oil signals send by Whatsapp broadcast list.

2 How can I get your signals?

Having chosen any package in Services menu then click to Subscribe button in any service's page. Skrill payment Gateway will open by clicking Subscribe button. If you have Skrill account then log in using with your e-mail and password or if you haven't Skrill account then register. This will take 1 minute from your time. After registering or signing in you will see all visible payment options due to your country. Choose one and pay necessary amount. Contact with me via Telegram or WhatsApp after completing payment.

We accept Paypal, Neteller, Western Union, Webmoney, Bitcoin also.

3 What is signal timing? What time are the signals sent?

As our service is designed to provide signals the traders all over the world working in all trade sessions our service analysts are at work for 20 hours per day. We work in London and New York sessions. The trading day begins at (0 GMT London time) 00:00 and ends at 20:00.

4 How many signals we can get during the day?

This is changeable due to different services:

- we send daily 3-15 signals in Daily Forex Signals package;
- we send daily 1-3 signals in Gold and Oil Signals package;
- we send daily 4-6 signals in Scalping Signals package;

5 In what pairs and commodities are the signals sent?

This is changeable due to different services:

- all minor and major Forex pairs are including to Daily Forex Signals;
- only brent oil, crude oil and gold (xauusd) pairs are including to Gold-Oil Signals;
- all Forex pairs and gold (xauusd) are including to Scalping Signals;

6 How many pips of profit we can get in a month?

In our functioning period the average monthly result is 1500 pips due to one service only.

7 How we can manage the risks with your signals?

Like in any business forex trading has also risky sides. From this perspective for protecting your initial capital and profit the important issue to focus on will be the money management. Counted in lots volume our service recommends for every signal 0.01 mini lot size per 200$ deposit.
- per 1000$ - 0.04 mini lot size;
- per 2000$ - 0.06 mini lot size
- per 5000 $ - 0.12 lot;

8 Will we have enough time to execute the signal?

Usually, we send market and pending orders. You will have enough time if your WhatsApp or Telegram will be online.

9 Do you close the signals beforehand, as they reach SL or TP?

Generally for forex signals the Take profit is calculated as the possible the long distance price for a pair. During the important news release or when the volatility is down the client is immediately informed on manual order closure.

10 What trading platform and brokers do you recommend for trading?

Our service signals are analyzed according to the MT4 trading platform. We do not corporate with any broker and therefore we recommend choosing the brokers who offer smaller spreads. Generally, most brokers offer much spread in major pairs (EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCHF, USDJPY and etc.) and less spread in minor pairs (GBPAUD, GBPCAD, EURAUD, EURCAD, EURNZD, AUDCHF and etc.). From this point, we recommend that spread should be 1-2 pips for major pairs and 2-4 pips for minor pairs. For this, you can open an account in brokers offering ECN account types. We must note that the small spreads also stimulate your profit.

11 Which brokers can you advice to us?

Yes, we can. Please, click to and choose broker for yourself.

12 What is your average stop loss and take profit levels?

We use 1/1 and 2/1 TP/SL rates. For example, 50 pips TP and 50 pips SL or 100 pips TP and 50 pips SL. These are depending from the market volatility and pairs which we use.

13 I haven't Skrill or Neteller account. How can I open these accounts?

Use link for opening Skrill Personal account:
Use link for opening Neteller Personal account:

14 Which time can I contact with you?

Our support team can give you 24/7 support. Don't hesitate and write us in any moment.

15 Do you offer Trade Copier Service?

Not. We offer the strongest Account Management Service which starting from 3K.

16 How can I join for Account Management Service?

It's easy. You can arrange 3K balance under our suggested brokers and contat with us.

17 If I join to Account Management Service with 3K balance then how much will I earn per week or month?

You will earn 10-12% net profit (without our sharing) per month.

18 Have you refund policy for signal services?

Our services is digital service and therefore there's not refunding. You can change service from one signal service to other at any moment.

19 Can I choose own broker for account management service?

I don't advice. Because, we have chosen honest brokers and your withdrawal/deposit transactions will be very fast.

20 If I open an account under your IB then can I get signals for free?

Not. We haven't this rule. You can open account in any broker and trade with our signals. Broker and lot choice is yours.