How does Trade Copier Service work?

Dear traders and investors.

We have been acting as a Forex Signal Provider for many years. We have had a lot of experience working with customers and struggling fake opponents during these years. This Trade Copying service that we offer you is almost a new style. The desire to make money in the forex sphere is so attractive by companies that 99% of a trader's account disappears completely within a year. These 99% of unsuccessful market participants do not share any information about this because their greediness for money and desire to make more money are spent on both brokers and some fake signal providers. On the contrary, they are pumping 100% false information that you can earn $500 a month with $100 in Forex market.
Sometimes traders think that by buying a signal service from any signal provider, they will be able to make a stable profit every month. But there is a problem: based on our experience, we can say that 90% of our signals came true and ended the month with +2000, +3000 pips, but the customer could not make money as a result of his poor discipline and even lost. A profitable strategy is not enough to be successful. 90% of success is achieved by adhering to the discipline and protecting risks. With the new "Trade Copier Service" provided by ForexCues, we have solved all the problems.

Now you are in this 1% group with us!

You will only have enough time to entrust your account to us and do other things. Our main advantages over other Forex Signals providers are:

◆ Most importantly, we show our results in full transparency;
◆ We share the Verified MyFxbook link;
◆ We always share a summary of all the trades that we make during the month as a trade statement;

What is required of you for this?

1. Open an account with one of the brokers we offer you. (you may also have your own broker); Note: But make sure that the brokers we offer you offer spreads and trading conditions that are fully compatible with our main account;
2. Provide us with your login and trade password;
3. Pay our monthly fee according to the lot size (for example, $60 for 0.01 lot);
4. Take out your income and spend it as you wish – no additional commission here;
5. To rest somewhere;

You can use your own broker. But we can advice some broker firms for this service. Because, these brokers' spreads ans slippages are low and all orders open with exactly within 0.1-0.15 seconds.

Tickmill Pro account ICMarkets Raw Spread account Hugosway ECN account OctaFX account


1. 5 years of successful trading history, which is the dream of every trader;
2. Verified MyFxbook;
3. Dynamic trading against sudden changings in the market;
4. Set it up and VPS by us (free);
5. Once you have provided us with the correct lot and balance volume, it is a guarantee that you will be able to get a steady income for many years;
6. There is no need for stress, insomnia, constant monitoring of the market, waiting for a signal from the telegram;
7. Our offers are suitable for every budget;
8. Choosing the best broker that suits the country where you live, offering the lowest trading spreads;
9. Save your time and money;
10. Reliable trade;

Trade Copier results during 2021

Pricing Offers

We accept payments via SKRILL | Neteller | BITCOIN | USDT | WESTERN UNION | PAYPAL

own lot
Monthly price
(in your broker)
Monthly price
(under our IB)
If you choose
our IB then you
will save
Monthly profit
0.01 0% 72$ 60$ 12$ 300$
0.02 6% 134$ 112$ 22$ 600$
0.03 7% 200$ 167$ 33$ 900$
0.04 9% 261$ 218$ 43$ 1200$
0.05 10% 324$ 270$ 54$ 1500$
0.06 11% 384$ 320$ 64$ 1800$
0.07 12% 442$ 369$ 73$ 2100$
0.08 13% 500$ 417$ 83$ 2400$
0.09 14% 556$ 464$ 92$ 2700$
0.10 15% 612$ 510$ 102$ 3000$